How To Fill Out Your Online Dating Profile

Don’t worry if you draw a blank when asked to introduce yourself in three words or with an interesting fact; most of our members say that the self-description aspect is the toughest part about the entire online dating process. To make it simpler we’ve put together some tips and examples on how to turn your…

10 Things Women Think On A First Date

Are you dying to know what’s on a woman’s mind on those all important first dates!?

We spoke to girls in the HelloYou Team to get some insights!!

Dating As A Single Parent

For a single parent returning to dating, half of the journey is in actually coming to the decision to ‘get back in the game’. But after that… where to begin?

Dating Dilemmas: how to know when it’s time to define your relationship

That age-old, could-be-awkward conversation, where the two of you talk about whether or not you’re A Couple. When is it the right time?! First of all, bear in mind that if you don’t feel the need to define your relationship and you’re perfectly comfortable with your coupledom remaining unsaid, then there’s no reason to force the…