10 Things Women Think On A First Date

Are you dying to know what’s on a woman’s mind on those all important first dates!?

We spoke to girls in the HelloYou Team to get some insights!!

1. Please God let him look like his pictures.

2. If he’s good looking, what are the realistic chances of him also having a personality?

3. Cuter than I remember… Oh lord maybe I should have shaved my legs…

4. Although, I hate what he’s wearing.

5. Haha! Laugh and agree even though you didn’t hear what he just said… Let’s hope it was a joke and you haven’t inadvertently said you love slaughtering innocent animals.

6. How many drinks is too many… Don’t want him to think you’re an uncontrollable lightweight, but at the same time his conversation about work would be a lot more interesting with a bit of alcohol in the system.

7. It’s great that he’s telling me about his childhood ambitions but I’m just going to stop him right there and have him ask something about me for a change.

8. How strongly should I insist on paying my half…? On the one hand I should pay and uphold my feminist beliefs, but on the other hand… A free meal…

9. Kiss or hug, kiss or hug?! Is the end of the date more awkward than the date itself?

10. Thank god that’s over. Now when can I see him again…


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