Top Tips to Become a Dating Pro by Lydia Davis

Matchmaker Lydia Davis shares her top tips on how to become a dating pro.

Say yes to dates, even if you’re a little unsure as you might be pleasantly surprised!

Don’t judge too quickly – people take a while to warm up. So be gentle on yourself and your date. You might have high expectations but so might they, give and take a little and have fun!

If you’re REALLY not feeling it leave, politely though! I think you don’t have to stay any longer than two drinks. Make an excuse and get out. 

Make sure there’s a kiss before the fourth or fifth date, otherwise you’re getting to the friend zone!

If he’s taking you out, take him out too – maybe take it in turns. That way he’ll know you’re interested in getting to know him and you’ll also see it’s pretty hard work thinking of a fun, exciting place to go to! 

Leave the cinema until you’re in a relationship, it is not a fun date!

If he’s organised and paid for (or most of) the night say thank you even if you’re not keen on another date. It’s always good to be polite.

Let yourself be spoilt.

Always make an effort, touch up your make up, put on heels or have a total change of outfit to get you in the zone and excited about the date!

Your date may be dating other people, it’s what some people do these days even if you don’t. So don’t be taken aback if you find this out.

If you leave a date smiling but a little unsure of whether the chemistry was there make sure you go on another date, it takes time to get to know someone so make sure you give them a chance.

Make sure you’ve arranged a time that works for you to meet where you can leave work, stress and any other worries behind you. You want to enjoy the date and have fun – if you’re stressed it may spoil it. No one wants someone moaning about life on a date!

Make sure you’re both asking questions and make it a balanced conversation. Remember it’s not an interview so make the questions fun and light hearted. 

Make sure you’re comfortable where you’re meeting, if it’s not the convenient explain why and arrange to meet somewhere else that works for you both!

Don’t worry about the communication before the your first date – if it’s been arranged that’s all you need. Obviously after he’s met you then he’ll need to be on the ball and be in touch often.

Some guys need a little indication that you like them but let them do the asking out.

It’s ok to date people at the same time as long as feelings aren’t hurt and you’re not too serious with one of them. 

Be proactive – get onto online dating, social meet up groups, dance classes or anywhere you might meet likeminded people.

Try and avoid awkward food places at the beginning – like sushi and having to use chop sticks if you’re not good at them. You may be embarrassed and we don’t want that. 

Try not to drink tooooo much on your first few dates – you want to remember the date (!) and how you got on. And too much drinking sometimes leads to decisions you might regret so escape before it’s too late! First impressions count.

Be adventurers with your dates – try out new activities, sports, comedy or any common interest and have a laugh with it. 

Dating should be fun, so try not to stress out about it too much and enjoy.

Lastly, just be yourself – he or she will love you for it!! 

About Author:

Lydia has been working as a matchmaker for Mutual attraction for a year. Prior to this she set up a dinner dating company two and a half years ago called Table8. Before entering the dating industry she was a personal trainer and PA. Lydia also attended Caroline’s Matchmaking Academy.

About Mutual Attraction:

We’re an award winning matchmaking service here in London working with single professionals looking to meet someone special for a lasting relationship. We work with men and women from mid 20’s up to late 50’s. Our job is to introduce them to likeminded people who are looking to meet someone.





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