Film Inspired Date Ideas by Popcorn Heart

Film blogger Popcorn Heart (aka Gemma Hurst) provides her first date ideas inspired by the magical world of film.

There is a pressure­ filled question that must be answered when preparing for a first date. One that can strike fear deeper than a meaning behind the purpose of Minions. A head­scratcher that could potentially make or break a possible courtship…

What to do on the first date?

This can throw up a myriad of suggestions more tangling than Rapunzel’s fresh braids thrown from an upper floor window. How to make the right impression and at the same time have fun. Is there such a thing? Just like Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar, it is possible. Hopefully by drawing a bit of inspiration from the magical world of Movieshire, you can come up with some prize plans that would make Steven Spielberg blush.

1.Bowl Them Over

One way to score is to take your date to the bowling alley. Channel the spirit seen in Grease 2 and make a song and dance of it (with precise and sharp choreography, however please ask permission if you can jive on the actual lanes). You might want to encourage each other to do really well in the game (a la Kingpin), which is all nice and positive. However, conspiracy to cause havoc to a millionaire after a home furnishing is ruined is not advised (The Big Lebowski). Either way, let’s hope you get a strike and not a split. Plus, they’re tricky to pick up.

2.Watch Some Live Music

They say that music be the food of love (they’ve obviously never tried a Five Guys burger), so why not enjoy a bit of live music performed in front of your very eyes? You and your partner of choice could attend a thrilling battle of the bands just like Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Hopefully no evil exes will show up to spoil the occasion. There’s a slight chance that your potential love buddy could whip out a flute and freestyle in a bit of melodic jazz (Anchorman) which could be a real game-­changer in the evening. Just think ­- free concerts all the time if it goes well.

3. Enjoy A Day At A Theme Park

An adrenaline date offers an alternative to sitting in the same spot for hours on end. Kind of like watching Titanic. So rather than debate whether Jack could have floated on the door with Rose, why not try a theme park date? You could marvel at some incredible sights (like Jurassic Park, except get really excited about the food court) or take a white knuckle ride and have fun (like Zombieland,except not get chase by creatures of the undead). It’s best to go on a ride and scream with joy. Not regrets.

4. Hit The Dance Floor

Throwing shapes gives you an idea of what kind of person you have selected to spend an allocated amount of time with. Hang loose and bust a move like no one’s watching (except there will be). You could take an idea with a good old fashioned dance­-off like David Starsky in Starsky and Hutch. He threw a move like his alter ego threw dodgeballs in (ahem) Dodgeball. Or follow in the rhythmic footsteps of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.They danced for themselves and not a prestigious panel of judges. I’m no Fred Astaire, but it’s a recommendation when moving to music.

5. Cook A Recipe For A Relationship

What better way to show off your culinary skills than offer to cook them a meal they’ll never forget? (Hopefully, in a good light). You get to showcase skills like Tom Hanks did in the 90’s (seriously, he did a lot of good films in this era). You could create a dish worthy of a Michelin star (with no help from a rather talented rat chef as an example in Ratatouille)and completely win them over. Just remember if you boil anything in blue string, you may have to convince them it’s your world famous Blue Soup. Hey, it worked for the lead lady in Bridget Jones’ Diary. And it might work for you too.


About author:

Lover of film. Fan of cinematic snacks. Admirer of Schwarzenegger’s accent. Popcorn Heart is the silver screened alter-ego of Gemma Hurst – a girl whose film knowledge is quicker than Dustin Hoffman’s count of toothpicks in Rain Man. Shuffling through life with the help of movies and enjoying them one popcorn bite at a time.

You can follow Popcorn Heart here:

Twitter: @Popcorn_Heart_




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