Is Summer Really the Best Time to Date?

Summer lovin’ had me a blast… but is summer really just all about passing Pimms-fuelled flings or can dating in the heat really lead to meaningful encounters?

As the temperature rises outside, it seems that a lot of people start to enjoy the dating process, with more fun outdoorsy dates and chance meetings with new and interesting people. Moods are lifted and whilst Christmas and New Year are all about family and friends, summer can be about who ever you want it to be (exciting). But that doesn’t necessarily mean that dates won’t led to anything serious. Yes summer signals holidays, pre-made plans and commitments which can hinder the start of something longer-term, but meeting the right person isn’t usually hindered by those things. Dating is certainly an all-year-round phenomenon and you know we are all for starting the conversation regardless of the temperature outside! But we do think that there is something to be said for finding romance in summer, and here’s why…

1.More people are out

At the first sight of sunshine, we all can’t help but shed our outer layers and head for the nearest beer garden – I think it’s a natural human response we must have evolved to soak up that all important Vitamin D. Naturally, as more people start to leave their sofas and box-sets behind as winter hibernation ends, and we instead plan and attend fun summer events, the chances of meeting new and exciting people begins to increase! Take advantage of the sudden urge to be more sociable and head out with work colleagues and friends whenever an invite comes your way…

2.People are happier

You can’t help but smile on a beautiful sunny day, and these positive summer vibes are great for being more up for new things and meeting new people. And the science support this – Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D of the University of Michigan said that “Being outside readjusts your outlook. The sun represses melatonin levels, making you feel alert, open to new ideas, and willing to put yourself in unfamiliar territory.” Spontaneity is in the air, and there are so many new adventures to be had…

3.More fun date ideas

 There is no question that dates get more fun in the summer – forget ice-skates and dinner dates and think bbq, picnics and street food! You can totally rediscover your town or city, and it never has to be expensive – long walks or backyard parties come with minimal costs so you can keep mingling!

4.More time to date

Summer means that you can leave work with hours of daylight to enjoy, so you can schedule in those dates you’ve been planning.

5.Summer confidence

Suns outs, guns out! It’s hard to feel sexy in a long winter coat, wrapped up in your scarf, hat and gloves! Summer means beautiful summer dress and shorts and those summer rays are an instant confidence booster. ‘Tis the season to try new trends and flatter you best features!

Although these are all great reasons why summer is a great time to date – the most obvious reason is that there really is no time like the present. Embrace the coming season and make it the best time to date for you! Say hello sunshine, hello summer love…


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