Signs You’re in a Rock Solid Relationship

“Am I in the right relationship?” is a question that most people will ask at some stage in their dating lives – after all everyone is always wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. But you don’t want to give up something good for the hope of something better. Maybe you think you don’t click as well as other relationships, or perhaps you’ve grown into routine and are not sure if you’re as in love as you were at the beginning; or possibly you’re just beginning a relationship and are not sure whether to take it further and make it official. Like many people, you are probably swept up in momentary emotions; so to ease your mind, here are some signs to look for to know if your relationship is worth keeping:


Your partner is one of your favourite people
It’s very healthy to keep a close group of friends, but is your partner your favourite person to spend time with? If they are not just your significant other, but your best friend, you’ll value them more as a person and have a solid foundation for your relationship. Do you enjoy being with them more or than you enjoy being without them?


Open and honest
Say what you mean and mean what you say, communication is key. You’ve heard this many times before, but being open with your feelings, being vulnerable and not keeping any secrets is very important in any healthy relationship – unless that secret is a birthday present! You shouldn’t be snooping through their phone or emails to ‘dig up dirt’; you need to just trust that they are being as honest as you are, and be open to telling them otherwise.


You’re not attracted to anyone else
Everyone is allowed eye candy of course! There’s no harm in appreciating the beauty of others, but only to an extent. If you are finding others so attractive that you need to get their phone numbers, or you pluck up the courage to speak to them based on looks, you’ll need to let your current beau down gently.


You can be yourself
There is nothing more toxic than a relationship where you morph into a new person for your loved one. If they don’t respect what you like or dislike, how you dress or if you suddenly have to love sports to be likeable – you’re in a bad place. You may not have everything in common, but cannot maintain your self-identity to be with someone will never build a strong relationship.


Celebrate individual success and grow together
You not only have fun, laughter and tremendously enjoy each other’s company, but you realise that your best traits are brought out when you’re with them. Spending time together should nurture your personal growth and you both mature together. Couples share each other’s joy and pain, stick together through thick and thin and celebrate each other’s individual success as a team.


Balanced freedom and teamwork
You should never force anyone to stay with you, and you should never feel trapped a relationship. Relationships are all about freedom. But at the same time, teamwork is equally important. There should never be competition between you and your partner, and you should never expect your relationship to work 50/50. On the days that you can only give 20%, your partner should put in 80% – relationships are two people adjusting and compromising for each other, when the other can’t help but give a little less.


You’re friends with their friends and vice versa
You may ‘click’ together, but do you ‘click’ with their friends? Finding a balance between your social circle, their social circle and your shared social circle is important. Not only that, but its important your friends see you as a solid team and that it makes sense for you to both be somewhere together. So you think Jay-Z gets invited to things that Beyoncé doesn’t get invited to? Of course not, they’re a combo pack!SIgns


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