How To Spoil Your Loved One on a Budget

We all want the best for our significant other, and we always want them to know that. But you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to show that they are the love of your life, in fact we have developed a list of things that you can do that will cost you next to nothing!

Cook their favourite meal
Even if you aren’t a culinary genius, try creating their favourite meal one day. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner make their day special by surprising them with a home cooked meal that they will automatically love. By setting a table for them, adding some candles, playing some smooth music, they are sure to feel loved by the amount of effort you have put into the occasion. Also who doesn’t love breakfast in bed!?

Create your own coupons
A fun, creative and extremely inexpensive gift to give your partner is a set of coupons they can cash in whenever they want. From doing their least favourite chores, or a one hour massage, to a night planned by you, you can give them all the things you know they would want in one gift!

Do a class together
A great way to build your relationship is to learn together. Book a class to learn a skill – from attending an Italian cooking class or going to a ‘paint and sip’ studio where you bring your own alcohol and learn to paint a picture, you will always have great time struggling to create something together!

“Heart Attack” their car
Easy, simple, effective. Write all the things you love about them on heart shaped post-it notes and cover the interior/exterior of their car with them! They will be sure to get a loving surprise!

Mail a love letter
Everyone loves getting mail and everyone loves being told what it is someone loves about them – so why not do both! Handwrite a heartfelt letter with specific things or memories you love about them to let them know why they are the most important person in your life. Your loved one will feel spoilt by the effort you put in and can keep the note forever!

Be Creative
Write a poem, sing a song, paint a picture! Be creative. Let them know how much you love them through one of your creative talents, and if you’re not creative, brilliant! By going out of your comfort zone and making something for them – not matter how good or bad it is – they will love you for it and can show it off to their friends.

Photo Album
Print off a bunch of photos of you together and create an album they can look at when they are having an off day. Decorate it with stickers and little drawings and leave space in the back to fill for your future together!

Surprise them with an outing
Plan a weekend away or even surprise them at work for a lunch date. Everyone loves to be taken out and not have the pressure of organising things. So put in the hard yards for them and make their day special by going to their favourite restaurant, have a picnic in the park, or even take them to the beach.

Balloon their room
We all have an inner child, and one universal trigger is balloons. We all get excited by a bunch of balloons, so why not fill their bedroom with balloons when they aren’t home! If you’re feeling like spending some money, fill their ceiling with helium balloons and attach love notes to the strings. Or if you want to save your hard earned pennies, cover their floor so they are swamped with a sea of colourful blown up balloons.


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