12 Child Friendly Dates to Impress Any Single Parent

Dating a single parent can sometimes have the added pressure of impressing their children. Finding a way to get to know your date and their children can be hard without having to hire a babysitter. So at HelloYou, we have compiled a list of date ideas that you, your partner and their children can enjoy that are sure to impress any parent!

  1. Zoo Trip

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo. Whether it’s an animal activation zoo or a safari zoo, children love exploring the grounds, feeding animals and learning about the habitat. You and your date can spend hours engaged in conversation together and making a trip to the gift store is bound you earn you brownie points.

  1. Bowling 

This is easily an entertaining date for all parties involved. Sitting in a cosy booth at your bowling lane can spur on a fun, flirtatious and mildly competitive date. Why not order a pizza, have a bowl and have the bumpers up “for the children” to avoid embarrassing yourself!

  1. Amusement park

Take them to a water park in summer or to a rides park in winter – you will never run out of things to do at an amusement park! You have plenty of time to get to know each other in the queues and bond over thrill seeking rollercoasters. Why not win your partner or their child a prize at a games stall to win their heart.

  1. Picnic Afternoon

On a sunny afternoon take your partner and their child to a park for a picnic. Involve the child by making sandwiches together and preparing the picnic basket – maybe even stick a little love note on your partner’s sandwich while you’re there! Bring the kite and a football and you’ll be set to enjoy a fun and romantic outing. Playing with their child will impress your partner and prove your love for them.

  1. Beach Day

Show off your rocking body at the beach! Have a fun road trip, bring a picnic, make a sandcastle competition and play in the waves – this is sure to entertain everyone! Sitting on the shore together will be an intimate moment for the both of you.

  1. Go to a sports game

Bring on your wild side! There’s nothing like the feeling of game spirit with good company. Every child remembers going to their first big sports game and watching the crowd passionately cheer, so make those memories with your partner.

  1. Mini golf

There’s nothing like mini golf with mini people. Even at night time, mini golf is an entertaining experience for all ages – from struggling to get the ball through tiny tunnels to getting an accidental hole-in-one! Show off your coordination and teaching skills to get the ball rolling. Literally.

  1. Cook a meal at their place

Everyone loves a good cook! So make a meal for the group of you that shows off your talents – and if it doesn’t work out, laugh it off and order a pizza for all to enjoy! You can even set the table with romantic or fun decorations to make the evening more special.

  1. Go watch a theatre show

Children’s theatre is actually very enjoyable even for adults. From puppet shows in the park to West End theatre performances, you can experience local culture and captivate the attention of the children you’re with. A relatively inexpensive experience through community theatre companies, this date is sure to get you in the good books.

  1. Visit an adventure course

If you’re not afraid of heights, and depending on the age of the children, you may even consider visiting a high-ropes course centre or a rock-climbing wall! These adrenaline and challenging experiences are great for bonding and creating funny memories together.

  1. Museums! Museums! Museums!

No child hates the museum and that’s a fact. From interactive science museums, or aquariums to learning about the dinosaurs you can enjoy walking around together and learning about history whilst enjoying each other’s company!

  1. Discover Food Markets

If it’s a sunny day go on an outing to some food markets. You can go to local food markets and discover family recipes or to more commercial markets with loads of gourmet food stores. Sharing and finding new foods to try together is a fun afternoon to be had.


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