Make Your Next Date Night Stand Out

You’ve found a match, you’ve been exchanging messages and a date is imminent. Now the question arises; exactly what are you going to do? How should you spend the first hours with this person, who you’ve only been able to charm with your wit and a few emoticons (for good measure) thus far? A drink is always a good place to start of course, maybe followed by a meal at a reasonably-priced restaurant, but what if you (and your date) want more than the usual happy hour indulgence? If you fancy something a little bit different to really make an impression, these alternative date night ideas are sure to inspire a bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

A Night at the Museum…

…or art gallery. London offers regular late-night opening hours to their major museums and gallery spaces, with drinks often available. The British Library is open until 8pm Monday-Thursday, whilst the Tate Modern celebrates the weekend with a late night opening until 10pm on Saturdays. After hours the kids are gone and there’s a serenity that you and your date will appreciate. Plus, they’ll know you’re cultured, which makes you a total catch!

Picnic at the Park

London remains as one of the leafiest major cities in the world thanks to the sprawling mass of parks on offer to the public. Weather permitting, take a bottle of wine or, if you really want to impress, champagne and strawberries, with a deli basket fit for royalty, and while away the hours as you dine al-fresco.

Eat Niche

If you want to update a classic date scenario, make your restaurant choice the main attraction by going for something a little unique. Dans Le Noir  (or ‘in the dark’) is a Clerkenwell restaurant in which your meal takes place in total darkness. This isn’t just a novelty however; the staff are all registered blind, and you leave this unique experience with a little more perspective (no pun intended). Fancy something lighter? Whilst Attendant has two London locations, its Fitzrovia pit-stop is the most unique. Brilliantly converted from a former Victorian public bathroom (bear with us), this quirky coffee shop is the perfect place for you and your date to share a slice of cake.

Head to the Theatre

The city is full of theatres, and performances are aplenty. Whether you’re a fan of fringe (theatre that is), big-production musicals or classic operas, there’s always a huge variety on offer. If you don’t live in London, theatre is available in most towns and cities across the UK, so you don’t needn’t be in the thick of it to see a play. Tickets can often be bought for a reasonable price just ahead of the performance, but do be prepared that you might end up with an obscured view if you make it too last minute!

Open Cinema

Just like American teenagers in the 50s, indulge in the nostalgia of watching a film out in the open-air. No longer do you have to worry about large groups throwing popcorn around and the unsettling stickiness of a carpeted lobby, it truly makes a standard cinema visit something special. Take a blanket and wrap up as the sun goes down and the credits roll.


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