Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Start Dating

Whilst there is something particularly sweet about to a summer romance, it doesn’t mean that once the nights begin to draw in you should hang up your dating shoes. Autumn is just as rich a time of year for lovin’ (but really when is there ever a bad time?). The chill in the air hasn’t yet reached below-zero, and there’s a collective sense of calmness after the hustle and bustle of the summer holidays has receded.

It’s arguably the prettiest season too; the burnt oranges and terracottas are sublime, meaning Autumn prime strolling season (did we mention the crunch of leaves?), but we can guarantee that everything looks more beautiful in the company of someone whose mere presence puts a huge smile on your face. You’re bound to think they look especially adorable with windswept hair and the pinkish cheeks of a face chilled for too long outdoors. The satisfying reward of a warm cuppa once you’re back indoors, and the contented ‘ahhh’ you both expel as you take the first sip might just prove one of your favourite things. Who’d have thought that longed-for brew could get any better?

Ok, so we’re painting quite a romantic picture of the season, and if you haven’t yet stopped reading what you may consider thus far to be drivel, then let us say this; yes is is cooler, and yes you might have been gambling on that summer romance to successfully lift you spirits, so that you ignore the waning daylight hours and the fact that you’re 3 months older than you were at the start of June, but remember that all is not lost. Whilst you might have to reconsider a few date plans you were eager to throw out there (chips on the pier might be great in August, but trust us, the beachfront loses its charm come October), embrace the season. The annual hibernation period for humans hasn’t started yet, and come December you can use that as an excuse to cosy up with your Autumnal date.


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