Alternative Date Ideas for Halloween

Its become a much bigger deal in recent years, and as holidays go, there’s an increasing pressure to do something to celebrate Halloween. But what do you do if a) you’re mixing Halloween and date night (without it turning into a straight-forward fright night) or b) if you’re just over Halloween parties. Luckily, its a holiday that goes hand-in-hand with the changing seasons and the celebration of Autumn. Here are some of the best alternative date ideas for you and your partner, when the thought of getting into costume and dabbing white greasepaint over your face is the real nightmare at this time of year.

Decorate your/their home together

Like any home improvement, there’s a simple pleasure in decorating your home in preparation for the next few months of living there. Being creative, especially in a domestic sense, brings couples closer together, and is most satisfying during the Autumn/Winter months as you begin to spend more time indoors.

Carve a pumpkin

No Halloween decor is complete without the addition of your very own carved pumpkin man. It might seem twee, and a little redundant (especially if there are no children around), but this is a surprisingly satisfying past time that’ll bring home the nostalgia.

Cook (and eat!) seasonally

After you’ve carved your masterpiece, use the remaining pumpkin to cook up some tasty seasonal treats. You can literally make anything out of pumpkin, and our inner chefs are feeling particularly inspired by this roasted pumpkin soup recipe. Why go out in the October chill when you can enjoy a hearty soup from the comfort of your own sofa?!

Watch a Classic Horror Flick

Re-watch one of those classic horror films that we snook into the cinema to watch as teenagers; the same ones that scarred us for life, and warned us that there are more murderous killers in suburban America than anywhere else. re-living the terror with your partner has the added bonus of not being alone – admit it, we all feel a little safer in the dark with an accomplice.

See a Spooky Show at the Theatre

There are so many events lined up this Halloween in the city that don’t involve “zombie” cocktails or all-nighters. London’s theatres are playing host to an extensive line-up of horror-themed performances across the capital during the next couple of weeks, some of which are truly spine-chilling.

So you can have a frightfully good Halloween with your loved one without being forced into a couples’ fancy dress competition – whether you go in or out, its always better to have a cuddle when you’re really feeling the fear.


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