Our Favourite Movie Couples

Whether they’re taken from classic novels or dreamt-up in a Hollywood production room, we cannot help but be entranced by the fictional love stories that are usually at the heart of our favourite films. When the nights start drawing in, watching a great film proves a welcome relief from the chill outside. Join us as we cosy up to revisit the most iconic onscreen couples that have inspired the old romantics in us all.

Jack and Rose – Titanic

We all remember the heart-wrenching moment after the iceberg, I don’t need to go into detail. Lets just think about the good times, when the Titanic was still known as an unsinkable ship.


Baby and Johnny – Dirty Dancing

She ‘carried a watermelon,’ learned to dance and had a steamy affair with “bad boy” Johnny, played by the late Patrick Swayze. She was privileged, he wasn’t – but they fell in love anyway (and who doesn’t love a man who can lift you over his head?).


Christian and Satine – Moulin Rouge

Set against a turn of the century Parisian backdrop, down and out writer Christian falls for courtesan Satine. Luhrmann’s striking cinematography and kitschy modern musical numbers makes this an all-round entertaining film. Then it gets sad, but we do know that a couple who realise their love whilst singing Elton John, love forever.


Scarlett and Rhett – Gone with the Wind

Probably the most famous rebuff in the history of cinema…’frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,’ is a line reminding us that even Hollywood superstars must endure heartbreak.


Edward and Vivienne – Pretty Woman

Richard Gere plays Edward Lewis, a man who supposedly “has it all.” What he doesn’t have though, is the love of a good woman, so he hires a working girl for a week (one who just happens to look like Julia Roberts) and one of the most iconic 90s onscreen couples is formed.


Sandy and Danny – Grease

Our second musical on the list, Grease inspired the unreasonably tight trouser look (Olivia Newton-John needed two be stitches into hers – now thats not a practical look to adopt), and a nostalgia for 50s Americana. What begins as a summer romance fizzles out because Sandy is too, well vanilla. Setting aside the film’s questionable message that smart is not sexy,  Dandy/Sanny (?) will always have a special place in our hearts since they leave together in a flying car. Don’t ask questions, just believe.


There are of course, hundreds if not thousands of fantastic movie couples that have, in their own special way, rekindled our faith in love during those times of heartbreak and loss. When all is said and done, we all need a little escapism in our lives, and although they may sometimes give us an idealised view of relationships, they’re the ones we find solace in, and can melt the iciest of hearts.


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