More Ways to Spoil your Loved One on a Budget

Earlier this year, we revealed the simplest and most cost-effective ways that you can spoil your loved one. Now that the festive season is well and truly upon us, what better way to show them you care than by sending some Christmas-themed love; and don’t worry, we’re still working on a budget (just don’t tell them that).

Bake them some Christmas cookies

These Christmas jumper cookies are tasty and adorable – they’re tiny little edible jumpers, how could anyone not love these?! Gingerbread or cinnamon cookies are, of course, a seasonal favourite, but you have the freedom to do whatever you think they’d like best. These vanilla Christmas cookies by BBC Good Food also double up as a tasty tree decoration too – just don’t expect them to be there long!



Knitting has had something of a Renaissance over the past few years, and with knitting classes with an edge cropping up all over London, granny-chic is officially having  a moment. What better way to show off your purl stitch than with a hand-crafted piece of knitwear created with love? Be it jumper, Christmas stocking or a pair of gloves, they’re going to love the time and effort you’ve made just for them; if that doesn’t make you both feel warm and fuzzy inside nothing will.


Cook up a Festive Feast

Nothing says Christmas quite like a table full of rustic, home-cooked food and the delicious smell of winter spices lingering in the kitchen. Call it preparation for the big day – putting on a sumptuous feast for your loved one and a group of mutual friends is a sure fire way to spread some seasonal joy and have a good old fashioned knees-up. The Telegraph has listed their top 5 favourite cookbooks to give you some festive inspiration.


Get Crafty

Like hipster knitting, craft has officially become cool, and home made gifts just stepped up a gear – there’s not one bit of flimsily pasted macaroni in sight on Country Living’s DIY gift list. However creative you are, there are some fantastic craft blogs out there that cater to every skill level. Most of the time, it always looks way more difficult than it actually is to make the thing; and remember that those imperfections add a little bit of personality to the gift anyway! We love these Polaroid Coasters by Darkroom and Dearly.


Personalise your gift wrap

The only way to make a handmade gift even better is to personalise the wrapping – whether you make a cheeky nod to a private joke between the two of you, or decorate the tag with a photo, creating something truly unique for your loved one is what gift giving is all about.



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