Our Favourite Things to do on Christmas Eve

The 24-hour countdown has begun, and you probably have that “calm before the storm” feeling. You’re basically organised for tomorrow’s celebrations (you think), and you’re searching for ways to pass the time, before you find yourself swimming in gravy granules. Christmas eve should ideally be a time when you relief yourself of “to dos.” Our advice is to try your best to take a day of rest after the chaos that’s ensued in the run up, because you can bet it’ll be cropping up again with a vengeance by the morning. Here are a few ways that you can enjoy this moment of freedom – spend the time with your partner or a group of friends, and try your best to forget about how many potatoes you’ll soon be roasting.

Make it Mulled

At an outdoor Christmas market, or (if the crowds of last-minute shoppers are too much), at your local pub. Spending the evening warming yourself with a glass (or three) of something mulled will make even the most Scrooge-like of fellows feel festive. Plus, the soothing merriment that comes with warmed alcoholic beverages will probably make your forget about your unpreparedness for tomorrow.

Sing Carols by Candlelight

Or watch carol singers if you don’t fancy yourself as much of a singer. There’s something undeniably nostalgic about carol singing, and whether you’re religious or not, its one reason why Christmas brings people together in a way that no other religious festival does.  Time Out has curated a list of this years’ best Christmas carol concerts taking place in London throughout December, or you could go door-to-door if you want to get really nostalgic (wearing mittens is an optional extra).

Start the Feasting Early

Every family has their own traditions during Christmas, and that includes what happens on Christmas eve. In our household, we always go out for a Christmas eve lunch, for example – its usually anywhere local, where the food isn’t likely to be too similar to a traditional Christmas dinner. A friend of mine always orders a Chinese takeaway with her family. So you see, the feasting starts early; you can always make the excuse that you’ll need your energy for slaving over a hot stove the day after!

Go for an Evening Stroll

There’s no better way to clear your head than by going for a stroll as the sun goes down. Wrapping up to brave the crisp winter weather has a cosy charm, and you’ll be inspired by the beautiful twinkling lights and festive cheer that spreads through the city.

Cosy up with a Winter Warmer

This could be anything; from mulled wine to a hot chocolate. Get yourself super cosy and snuggle up on the sofa, hot drink in hand, to watch a wonderfully sentimental festive film (because if we can’t get sentimental over Christmas, when can we?). If your day has been a busy one, which for many of us it usually is, having a relaxed evening indoors, feeling warm and cosy, is guaranteed to get your Christmas off to a great start.


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