What is your ideal date?

We all have ideas on what the perfect or ideal date would be, but can we realistically go ahead with the plans from our minds? Dates are by any definition, nerve wrecking and we spend ages planning dates for people we barely know to someone whose been married for over 20 years.

Is it appropriate to use your phone during a date?

You see two people at a dinner date, texting away on their phones and barely speaking to each other. Smart phones have become part off our social lives and they are part of romantic relationships too! Blackberries, Iphones, Samsungs and even the old Nokia are some of the most common things I see people using on the tube, at work or even on a date!

4 ways to start a good conversation…

So we’ve all had those moments where we have been single or interested in someone but have not mustered up the courage to say “hey”, “hello” or even ask how they are. It’s often difficult to start conversations face to face, as sometimes we get worried about rejection.

4 Top Ways to Score the Perfect Weekend Date

Decisions, decisions and decisions. Where does one go or do for a date on the weekend. Weekends are a time for relaxing, drinking, meeting and starting new conversations with someone meaningful. We have less stress about waking up and are determined to make the most out of time we have off!

5 Delightful Date Ideas for Spring:

Love is in the air, the warmer temperatures, beams of sunshine and the sweet songs of birds are getting us ready for new adventures! Spring is about new beginnings, revitalising and energising yourself in the warm crisp air! For all those singletons out there, start crossing off your spring wish list with these 5 delightful…

4 Reasons why Spring is a great time to Date

For the singletons out there, the start of the year can be a bit tough – but great news, we survived Valentine’s Day! And we think Spring is the best time to get back out there and get dating! Here are just a few reasons why!