5 Delightful Date Ideas for Spring:

Love is in the air, the warmer temperatures, beams of sunshine and the sweet songs of birds are getting us ready for new adventures! Spring is about new beginnings, revitalising and energising yourself in the warm crisp air! For all those singletons out there, start crossing off your spring wish list with these 5 delightful date ideas for spring 😀

While a dinner and movie combo is a safe and a relatively chilled out choice, you should take advantage of the seasonal changes and embrace an outdoor experience to get those conversations started.

Here are my top 5 springtime picks:

1. Outdoor Dining

Go for a bite & drink at places with rooftop terraces, riverside gardens or places with a spectacular view. Al Fresco dinning is a great way to get outdoors and ignite great conversations as you talk about your surroundings and enjoy great food and drink!

2. Bikes and Hikes

Move around, get off your sofa and turn off Netflix! Get outside, go for a hike or a bike ride. Movement will release loads of happy endorphins which will only help with those positive date vibes. Outdoor activities are great for those early dates because you don’t have to worry too much about constant conversation, and you can engage in a little flirty competition.

Outdoor activities are a great way to break down touch barriers also! You will get opportunities to hold their hands, playfully nudge them (just don’t push them off!), grab their arm or shoulder. So, can you really go wrong with getting some fresh air?

3. Be a tourist in your own town.

Pick up your phone and get Google maps ready! Pick something in your local area or close to where you and your date are and go and explore around the area. Especially when you don’t live close to each other, taking your date on a tour around where you live will help them to get to know you better and it’s a great conversation topic. You can get to know each other by showing how particular areas in your local town can relate to your childhood or a significant memory in your life.

4. Museums & Galleries

Whether you are a fan of Doctor Who, fine art by Picasso or just looking to impress people with fun facts you learnt at work; go check out museums and galleries. It’s a great way to learn about each other’s interests and knowledge. The point of taking your date to a gallery/ museum is to spend time with the person, getting to know them and the museum just provides you with the facilities to find new conversation topics and help dates bond with one another. The best thing is, some museums are free, so that helps you budget for your regular dates/meet ups!

5.Channelling your inner foodie

Whether it’s your first date or a regular date night, food is a great way to bond with your date. You see, spring offers a great choice of food, you can visit a farmer’s market or perhaps take a cooking class together. It’s a great way to break the ice, create a bit of friendly competition – who is the better cook?  If you or your date cook a good dish then it brings in room for compliments 😉 Checkout Groupon or Wowcher do really good offers on classes and dinners out!


Happy Dating!



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