4 Top Ways to Score the Perfect Weekend Date

Decisions, decisions and decisions. Where does one go or do for a date on the weekend. Weekends are a time for relaxing, drinking, meeting and starting new conversations with someone meaningful. We have less stress about waking up and are determined to make the most out of time we have off!

Spring is the start of new experiences, getting ready for new adventures and memories. It’s time to get out and start enjoying,  make the most out of your weekends with that special someone- it’s the best time to impress your date!

So here are my top 4 tops for the perfect weekend date:

  1. Wine and Dine

Wine and go to a low key place for a nice spring dinner. Dazzle yourself in some cheese bites to compliment the wine! Or, if you fancy staying at home then do a little spring cleaning and start cooking dinner for your date. Keep it relaxed, you’ve spent the whole week stress, so it’s time to unwind for the two days you have to spare.

2. Life’s a game and the weekends about keeping some of your brain

Gamers or trainers, get out there and go do something athletic! Games are great way to create some friendly competition. Whether it’s playing a golfing, racing or a game of Monopoly- you’ll find that battling against each other can really get the date going!

3.  Movie nights keep you things a little more bright

A good old fashioned movie and dinner is a perfect date to set a mood, suspense and conversation between each other. Find a movie you and your date are both into. It will get you both talking before and after the movie. Movie’s are dark, and in some cases very romantic; it gives you the chance to get a little closer and more intimate with your date.

4. Arts n Crafts- to get the creative juices flows going

It’s not always easy keeping every weekend free for dates, it’s time to have a date which they’ll never forget. Art classes- life drawing or sculpturing are a great way to get involved and show off a different side to yourself. Wherever you are, there are lots of classes which can be found online or in your local area. This will leave your date with a lot of excitement, as you won’t know what to expect when your date creates something that you wouldn’t dream of.



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