4 ways to start a good conversation…

So we’ve all had those moments where we have been single or interested in someone but have not mustered up the courage to say “hey”, “hello” or even ask how they are. It’s often difficult to start conversations face to face, as sometimes we get worried about rejection.

Online dating definitely works for people who get anxious meeting someone they like face to face! Hello You is one of the niche sites that allow more mature users to overcome the initial fear of starting conversations, and we want to give all singletons advise on how to turn that hello online to a closer sign to finding something meaningful!

Here are 4 ways to start a good conversation:

  1. Focus on the OTHER PERSON, and ask questions.

Don’t ramble on about yourself, it gets boring! The best conversations begin with showing an interest in the other person, their work, interests etc. Most people love to talk about themselves, and by asking open ended questions you will find out more about your love interest.

This rule applies online and face to face. Keep the conversation flowing about the other person, show a sincere interest in others and if you can throw in a compliment, it shows that you are interested in the other person.



Make sure you are listening to the other person or reading their messages ( if you are chatting online on a dating site) You should really make the effort to be in tune with your conversations, keep asking questions- pay attention to small details which could make you two become even closer!

3.  Compliment and positive reinforcements

It’s important to show that you attracted and interested in someone, whether you are talking over a cup coffee or speaking online. Give them compliments, like ” I love your outfit” or ” Hey, did you get a haircut?” because it shows that you are noticing them.

4. Find a common topic to talk about

If you are online, then take a look at the person’s profile and see what their interests are, the chances are they have some interests similar to you. Start to talk about something you are both interested in. This will lead to your conversations become even deeper and help you both to build even more common interests!


Happy Friday and Happy Dating! Start that conversation today 🙂



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