Is it appropriate to use your phone during a date?

You see two people at a dinner date, texting away on their phones and barely speaking to each other. Smart phones have become part off our social lives and they are part of romantic relationships too! Blackberries, Iphones, Samsungs and even the old Nokia are some of the most common things I see people using on the tube, at work or even on a date!

It doesn’t matter the time of day, 12pm or 12am- we can’t escape smart phones into today’s modern day. We rely on our phones, but smart phones are making it easier for people to communicate and help people find companions and partners. Is it appropriate to use during a date or not? We can’t really escape smart phones, social media or the internet right?

Smart phones can be really disruptive, especially if your date is trying to talk to you and you are not making any eye contact with them. And eye contact during a date is a big indicator of whether someone is attracted/interested in you or not. If you are constantly texting someone, then it can kill the vibe of the date and it can lead to become boring; reducing how much you both speak to one another.

However, phones are good for dates when you want to take a selfie and for many of you this might be your first photo with your partner since you guys started dating. Phones are great for capturing special memories during a date or a special occasion. It can really create some sparks and laughs when you take a funny photo and then you sit there and laugh at each other. So phones are not that bad during dates!

But, phones are still really off putting when you are newly dating someone, it distracts your conversation and when the phones ring; it gets noisy!

Phones can be disruptive to a relationship, even when the phones are not being used. Some research by Andrew Przybylski and Netta Weinstein (2011) looked at how the presence of a phone affected relationships. They gave pairs of strangers a simple to task to talk to someone without using their phone. A cell phone was kept at their table and it did not belong to either person. The phone never rang during the date, and just stated their in front of each pair. Researchers found that the presence of a smart phone lowered the relationship quality- conversation flows, eye contact and causing pairs to look bored during their dates. The study shows that phones during dates are particularly disruptive when partners are talking about personal topics.

A piece of advise to you fellow singletons- DO NOT use your phone to much when you are having a first date or getting to know someone you have feeling for. When you are more comfortable with each other, then you can start using phones during your dates but time is precious and you should spent time with someone you like without any distractions!

Happy dating everyone!:D


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