What is your ideal date?

We all have ideas on what the perfect or ideal date would be, but can we realistically go ahead with the plans from our minds? Dates are by any definition, nerve wrecking and we spend ages planning dates for people we barely know to someone whose been married for over 20 years.

We have our extroverts- fun, social and adventurous versus our introverted more relaxed and shy individuals who both have different visions of “ideal” date. Seventeen magazine created a quiz called “Where Should You Go On a Date”, I took the quiz and was advised to go the mall because of my apparent lively personality and love of being surrounded by people. But really, can you get your ideal date scenario?

4 ways people say make the perfect date:

  1. Choose the location well..

Singletons tend to lead a very independent life, and are usually quick to try new things. Location matters!! You should choose a location close to your date’s place and areas which they are familiar with because it means you are making an effort to really to get to know them! It gives you the opportunity to drop them home and even arrive early to make a good impression!

2.  Comfortable…

I am using comfort as a second choice because it’s important to do something where you both act naturally especially if you are getting to know each other. Choose a restaurant or a bar where you can spend time talking to each other. Or if you’ve been dating for a while then why not keep it casual and cook a nice meal at your place or your date’s and watch a movie? Now, that’s relaxing!

3. Cost effective, Money Matters!

Keep the date ideally cost efficient because many people like to split the costs of dates- it’s only but fair if they don’t want you to feel burdened to always pay! Spending to much on a date can sometimes come across as trying to buy your date to impress them. Small things matter, and really can be the right way to score the ideal date 🙂

4. Planning & Organization

Make sure you book in advance for restaurants or activities. Planning shows that you are making the effort and are looking forward to seeing your date!!!  Book different options and perhaps ask your date what they would like to do out of your options or keep it a surprise but make sure you are prepared prior to your date!

So can we really decide what’s the ideal date? We all have different ideas of how we would want to spend time with someone we care about- the key is to make sure you’re making effort. Both sides should plan activities and show they genuinely want to spend time with you 🙂

Happy Dating and have a great weekend!

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