4 Fun Date Ideas

Whether it’s your first, second or fortieth date, there’s always room to try new, exciting ideas together. I think it’s good for any relationship to share different experiences, testing yourself and each other whilst also creating new memories. Plus, if you’re still in the early stages of dating, it might also be a great way to find out a lot more about a person than perhaps you would from going out on a dinner date.

So if it’s 5pm on a Friday and you’re still debating what to do with your evening, here’s a few of my suggestions to explore.

1- Try a new class together
From art, cooking, to learning a new language, there’s a huge variety of classes you can choose from. By picking something you both love and committing to it, is a great achievement, right? It’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll definitely remember. You can even take in turns choosing different classes and getting to know each others interests! And if you’re apprehensive about conversation on a first date, this is a great way to lessen some of the pressure.

2- Go to the local markets or a street fair
Who doesn’t love visiting local markets? And the great thing is – they happen all year round. If you and your date love to explore different food, gifts or even antiques, this is the perfect idea. The best thing? They’re free!

3- Indoor skiing
Are you an adventure lover? Or do you want to put your date to the ultimate test? What better way to do this by surprising them with indoor skiing?

Okay perhaps don’t make it a surprise. But you can try a new hobby together,  whether it’s indoor skiing, skating or even a game of tennis. It’s good to challenge each other and have a bit of fun with it! Just don’t get too competitive.

4- Go on a wine and cheese tour
If you love tasting experiences, this should definitely be on your list. It makes a lovely date setting, and allows for plenty of talking points.

Happy Dating!

– Em from HelloYou –

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