5 things NOT to do on a first date

A first date can be daunting, you’re meeting someone new and you have no idea where it might go! There’s lots of advice online about what to do and what not to do on a first date which can often be confusing. When dating, I feel that everyone should always keep in mind that you’re there…

4 Top Ways to Score the Perfect Weekend Date

Decisions, decisions and decisions. Where does one go or do for a date on the weekend. Weekends are a time for relaxing, drinking, meeting and starting new conversations with someone meaningful. We have less stress about waking up and are determined to make the most out of time we have off!

Back to basics: Dating Dos and Don’ts

Summer is a great time to be single: people are out and about more, the winter wardrobes have been packed away and generally there is a great mood in the air. Here at HelloYou we appreciate how great this season is for meeting new people, which is why we thought we’d go  back to the…

Is Summer Really the Best Time to Date?

Summer lovin’ had me a blast… but is summer really just all about passing Pimms-fuelled flings or can dating in the heat really lead to meaningful encounters?

Securing a Second Date: What You Should Know

Congratulations. Despite the nerves, excitement and awkward small talk, you’ve made it through the first date and, more importantly, you think it went pretty well. But what next?

Film Inspired Date Ideas by Popcorn Heart

Film blogger Popcorn Heart (aka Gemma Hurst) provides her first date ideas inspired by the magical world of film. There is a pressure­ filled question that must be answered when preparing for a first date. One that can strike fear deeper than a meaning behind the purpose of Minions. A head­scratcher that could potentially make…

How To Fill Out Your Online Dating Profile

Don’t worry if you draw a blank when asked to introduce yourself in three words or with an interesting fact; most of our members say that the self-description aspect is the toughest part about the entire online dating process. To make it simpler we’ve put together some tips and examples on how to turn your…